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Meet "Pinkie" Davis

AP "Pinkie" Davis (any pronouns) is an award-winning comedy animation director and storyboard artist from Auburn, California. Pinkie also works as a horse wrangler on set for live action productions in Los Angeles. 

With no prior college or TV experience, after achieving internet fame with their cartoons, Pinkie was handpicked to join the team on SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS where they worked storyboarding, designing, and plussing on the flagship series and its spin-off. Pinkie (and their horse Jeepers) are also behind the viral @yeehawllywood accounts on Instagram and TikTok, creating satirical comedy videos on horseback for an audience of over 200,000 followers.They’re always up for a coffee meeting, and they promise not to show up in dirty cowboy boots. 


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