Meet April "Pinkie" Davis


Known for her work on SpongeBob Squarepants and spinoffs, Pinkie is a 2D comedy storyboard artist and designer specializing in creating unforgettably weird and exaggerated cartoony gags, expressions and poses that add new layers of humor to the your script and voice acting.
April “Pinkie” Davis grew up in Auburn, California writing and drawing comics about the family dog and horses. As an only child all cartoons and stories were shared with and enjoyed by adults in the family- creating a standard that cartoons shouldn’t be watered down but written and delivered to appeal to the whole family including grandpa & that weird neighbor who only watches public access. 
Currently Pinkie resides in Burbank California with her horse Jeepers, whos an animal actor for live action television himself. She’s always open for a coffee meeting as promises not to show up in dirty cowboy boots. Maybe.

Recent public speaking & social media appearances : Annecy Animation Festival, Southern Oregon University, Nickelodeon's "Nickel For Your Thoughts" LIVE Twitch show,  Nickelodeon's How To Draw YouTube series.