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Here are concepts currently being developed and ready to be pitched and sold to studios. Contact to hear more! 




Ages 6-11 

Episodic Comedy

2D hybrid with elements of stop motion, CG, puppetry.

Two horse obsessed young girls find a disturbingly nasty and generally unlovable horse in the trash can. The pair compete against the more popular kid's stunning and obedient mounts at state fairs, horse shows, and pageants; gaining the attention of an unfairly anti-horse PTA group while winning the hearts of their small town.


A diverse cast of characters focusing the theme of "found family" and going against public pressure to not be unapologetically weird. A show about horse girls but made for all genders that can laugh at a fart joke. Think "PeeWee's Playhouse" / "Ren and Stimpy" meets "The Saddle Club" - glorifying that girls can and should be gross and weird, and boys can and should proudly enjoy sparkles, unicorns, and slumber parties. 



Adult show

Serial Comedy

2D animated series


 Ethel and Georgia have dreams of becoming animal actresses in Hollywood- but get hit by a car on their way there. Luckily this isn't a new occurrence for the citizens of Eyefivesville, a trailer park occupied by the roadkill a disgruntled taxidermy school drop-out has rescued and sewn back together. Now given a second chance at life, the couple learn to love their new home and want to help the Eyefivesville residents fight to save what others consider a waste of perfect freeway-building land.


LGBT & female protagonists, focusing on advocation for the underdog in a relatable scenario shared by many who have lost their hometown to the highest bidder. A theme of "found family" and connection to the land. All the nostalgic appeal and humor of a slapstick kids show (like Looney Tunes, SpongeBob) while addressing hard, real-life scenarios adults struggle with.

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